Monday, February 12, 2007


So as I wake up today and get out of bed I realize that I am the GPS system for the family. I can't sleep lately and have joined the dark side of life and wake up about 4:45 or 5:00 AM each morning. I lay there for a few minutes and then realize it's a futile thing to just lay there. There are blogs to read, flickr photos to view and laundry to fluff for the 10th time.

It's the same routine each day. Take the laptop out to the kitchen, plug it in for full juice, start the water in the stove, grind my coffee beans, clean out the french press. Just about then the cats have both woken up and are ready to feast. The smell of cat food in the morning makes me want to hurl so sometimes they have to wait to eat. I fluff my load of laundry and start up the puter. Just about then both dogs stirring. Lucy, the black lab, is ready to go and check out the garage for any tootsie rolls from the night before. Then my water is ready and I get the coffee going. Then Lucy is ready to come back inside. I then have to tell Max, the other dog, to go and lay back down it's too early to want to get up. Just cause I'm up no need for both dogs to be up. They go and lay back down.

Then I have about an hour on here to check out the many blogs I go to, check out the new self portraits of other 30 something women in mid life disarray on flickr and drink my coffee. The animals are all waiting with held breathe to see what I will do next. About 6am Rob's alarm clock goes off and there may or may not be a few snoozes pressed. Then the house really starts to stir. I turn the radio on for the kids and start to turn up the overhead lights in their room. The dogs want to be fed and will sit and stare and whine at me till I get up, stop reading the beans blog, and feed them. Then the cats want out. I set the tone for the morning and the animals all want to know where I am and what I'm doing.

Okay now the kids start to get up. I then put the laptop away and start to get myself ready for work also. Then it's a MAD DASH from 7-8 getting all 3 of us ready. Rob's left already and it's just me and the kiddos. There may be hairbrushes thrown, deciding on the long sleeve black shirt or the short sleeve, curling irons wielded, shoes not found , and the WRONG length of SHIRT PICKED OUT. (OMG I don't' want the shirt that's longer than my hips I will look like a GEEK I want the shirt that sits about 1/2 inch below my waist line MOMMY) It varies from day to day. Did you think it was me throwing the hairbrush? Yeah I stopped doing that years ago. We are finally ready and I try to snap a "going to work" self portrait for the day. Wolfie's almost stopped giving me grief about how weird I am doing this.

We finally get in the car and try to find the current morning theme song. Lately it's been Gym Class Hero's , Fergie or John Mayer. We all three need to get pumped up for our day. I then drop the little angels off at school, they RUN to class cause we are always pushing the time frame. Then I drive to work, pour myself another coffee (EW WORK COFFEE) and sit down start up my computer at work and start my day again. My GPS system is shut down for a while and turns back on at 2pm in the afternoon and we start all over again. Another day I will tell you about our afternoons....then about the evenings....I know you all can't wait!!!!

Life's good!!!!!

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Donna said...

The GPS for the family. I like that!