Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stand In Mom Comes Through Again!!!!

So I have always kinda wanted to get my nose pierced or my eyebrow. I have been talking about it at work and various places for the last few weeks. My Stand In Mom (mostly for my kids but she will shuttle you around for things like this) took me yesterday after work to get my nose pierced.

(JOE THANKS FOR PICKING UP THE KIDS) You ROCK!!!!! I guess I will now call you Stand In Dad AKA SID

So my SIM has a sweet hook up of a friend that she's known for a very long time. We went over there and had to wait about 10 minutes. Plus there were other people waiting for tat's. So once he got me in basically it was sit down in the chair and get ER done. It was super quick and hardly hurt at all. My eyes did water but if you know me at all I will cry for the anticipation of something more than the actual hurt. I'm really glad I did it and did something that I was a bit afraid to do.

I play it safe and have for a long time. Sometimes you just need to mix things up to wake up a bit more each day.


Vicki said...

Super Cute, you brave girl! I think it is very cool you wanted something, and just grabbed the bull by the horns! You go girl!!

Java Mom said...

Thanks Vick!!!!! It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would and it was super CRAZY!!!!!!