Sunday, April 01, 2007

Luis ROCKS!!!!!!!

I came home the other day from work and there was a surprise waiting for me!!! A totally cool CD music mix from one of our favorite "you wear the shirt so well" friends Luis!!! I IMMEDIATELY put it in and started doing some salsa dancing!!! Luis you ROCK!!!!

You officially have a permanent invitation to our pool all summer and well if the days are too hot and that brown truck and brow uniform feels like it's on fire....what the heck...just jump the fence and take a cool dip!!! The invit to our first summer salsa and patron party will have you and Lori's name on it!!!!


Lorraine said...

I'm glad you liked it- he was pretty proud of his work, and as for the party ( did you say Patron?) We'll be there!!

Northend Nique said...

Someone just said 'Patron.' I smelled it! :)