Monday, April 09, 2007

Napa Style.....

My girl Tam has not been away from her baby girl for an overnight since Feb 06. When little sweet BK was born. So we went to Napa for a girls night away. We got our toes done, shopped, ate, laughed, ate more some, shopped and laugh till we cried. A good night away and much needed!!!!

You can check it all out at by clicking on this Flickr link......

We stayed at this really cozy hotel in Napa called the River Terrace Inn. It's really clean, bathrooms are HEAVEN, and the king size beds are really like a triple king size. The best part about the hotel is that they have a AMAZING breakfast they put out in the mornings. Eggs, potatoes, muffins of all sorts, bagels, lox & cream cheese, salami and various cheeses, fruit, tons of different juices and of course coffee and tea. REALLY yummy!!!! I completely recommend this place and have stayed there twice now.

We ate at the Bounty Hunter in downtown Napa and had the yummy beer can chicken. Neither Tam or I have a refined pallet for wine so we had a light pilsner but be live me the wine was flowing all around us. It was a great spot for people watching and checking out the scene.

It was a great night away and much needed. The only downside was well......I guess I snore now.....yeah that part sucked....for Tam....sorry Tam!!!!!!!!! Love ya!!!!!!

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Northend Nique said...

I'll go with ya next time Lady. Pssst... I totally snore too! :p