Saturday, May 12, 2007

May Fair Day #2

I know that she who shall re-main nameless and faceless is in the above photo....but come cool of a photo is that? It's also really cool, viewed large, at Flickr. You click on the photo, then click on the little button above the photo "VIEW ALL SIZES " and it will pop up bigger.

We survived another great day at the MayFair. It wasn't really that crowded at all and the weather was perfect. Well not PERFECT but it cooled off just in time and was nice.

Wolfie went with some friends to the All American Rejects concert and I think had a great time. He's still at their house so I don't have the complete run down yet. Of course who knows how many details I will really get from my wonderful boi! Thanks DEB & DAN for taking him and keeping your eye on him!!!

So it's another Saturday with the HUGE-TWO-HOUR-LONG-MAY-FAIR-PARADE and guess what ???? We are not going.....we are skipping it this year....after being at the fair for two days in a row....I'm ready to just chill today!!!! Of course there is a basketball tourney and a "40th birthday party for the class of 1985" but that's know I can't sit still for long right?


Marilyn said...

Just year ago today I looked out from that float and saw your gorgeous smiling face! ;) It was kinda weird this year to skip the parade after being in it the last two years. But my family sold the bar and this year they were enjoying May Fair just HANGIN' OUT! We would have tagged along today, but stuff to do...J heads out on tour for a month...leaves Tuesday. We were at Wal-Mart around parade time...thought about driving down the street but didn't feel like dealing with the crowd. (We knew the parade would probably STILL be going on, even though we'd been shopping for awhile.) :)

La Flor said...

gosh, this fair seems to be never-ending... but fun.