Friday, May 25, 2007

Tracks OVER!!!

Wolfie had his last track meet of the season on Thursday. Rob took the day off to take him and Justin and had a wonderful time sitting out in the hot sun, holding an umbrella so it would not fly away. The good part was watching the events and chatting with Trina's parents. Wolfie was glad track was over so now he's just playing Dragons Basketball. We swam and BBQ last night in honor of the athletes being done.

Wolfie Stand in Mom was there also with the camera and I hope she got a few good shots of Wolfie at his meet. My hubby was there but forgot the camera. So just remember wifes even if you send your's a good idea to send a stand in mom along also!!! :-)

Here's a girl that we don't know her name and her friend Brooke!!!! Crazy swimmer girls!!!

Here's the MASTER BBQ Dude Joe. Yes, he's one of my male readers and almost begged me to take his picture and give him public kudos for bbq'ing in place of Rob. Joe you ROCK!!! Right now your #1 in the standings of stand in husbands. (For those of you who might be wondering what I'm talking about with stand in hubby/wife....well you know the saying..It Takes A Village.....) LOL

Here's 3 of the athletes having some dinner BBQ. Casey in the back was in mid motion dancing. The look you see on Wolfie's face I'm sure is the same teen look you may see for the next 4 or 5 years. Sorry readers!!! Justin is always happy to smile!!!!! BOBO SINCO!!!!

Here's Lori and Alyssa. Rob's been to school with Lori since they were in Kindergarten!! Alyssa is a crack up and is the epitome of a teen!!!

Rob had band practice, Luis had a "headache" and Brian and Katrina had a SERIOUS-HARD-CORE basketball committment....cause here in our's play basketball or DIE!!!! That's how us ballers roll.....

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