Thursday, June 07, 2007

sometimes when you live with someone......

they start to rub off on you. Do you remember an older post where Rob was being super strict on what went into the laundry as far as the kids clothes go? You know how kids wear something and then just throw it on the ground dirty or not. Maybe they tried it on and are to lazy to fold it back up or hang it back up? Okay well sometimes that theory worked and he did save me from doing about 4 loads of laundry total in the last 5 years. Thanks baby!!!

Okay so last night I worked the evening shift at work. No one from the day shift really saw me or saw what I was wearing. I'm not a sweater nor do I just get dirty while sitting at my desk at work on the computer for 5 hours straight. So if I wear the same shirt again today (DAY CREW PEOPLE) will it matter? I did the sniff test and there's nothing on the shirt that would give it away that I showered, put the shirt on, drove to work, came home and took it off immediately in favor for pj's.

So what do you think Internet friends? Is that totally out of the question? LOL

Yes, I know there are more important things in the general scheme of LIFE out there to consider......for example:

1) Where did the Hindenburg really catch on fire? Is where the fire started really as controversial as history says it is? Or were the paparazzi at the time just looking to make
a mountain out of a molehill ?

2) The main theories of why this tragedy happened are:

Sabotage theory

Static spark theory

Lightning theory

Engine exhaust sparks theory

Fire's initial fuel

The incendiary paint theory

The hydrogen theory

Puncture theory

Personally I thinks it was just too darn big to be flying around in the air and someone was sneaking a cig in the bathroom and BOOM.

So all this being said does it really matter if I wear a shirt for two days in a row?


P.S. Thank goodness for Wikipedia ! LOL


La Flor said...

not to be too offensive, but wearing a fresh t-shirt every single day is absolutely stupid in the american kind of way. if sweating is not an issue for a person and if he/she can live for 2 days straight without getting mud or food on clothes, then why waste time, energy, detergent and electricity?? so not practical. no one gets it in the us, though. oh well.

Stanley's Friends said...

It is perfectly acceptable to wear something again if it appears clean. That is just good environmental sense! :)

Lorraine said...

If it passes the sniff test then it is absolutely acceptable, but only if you are not going to see the same people in it. You do not want to imply that you either slept in it or have not showered since you last put it on. So do you want to know my theory on the Hindenburgh?.........

Anonymous said...

Straight from the is perfectly acceptable to wear the same shirt 2 days in a row. At the office where I work we have many policies and rules. One of the policies happens to be the '24 hour policy'...once your clothing has been worn for 24 hours, you must remove it from your body, then cease and desist in wearing it again for 24 more hours. During this time 'off' you don't necessarily need to wash it--a little smelly lotion, hang it in the sun (sun is hot and therefore kills germs),possibly some febreeze or your favorite perfume will spruce it right back up--that works especially well for underwear--look at me--I haven't washed mine in years! we'll have to speak privately about what happens when you break this policy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and yeah, and i noticed you neglected to mention the Baby Bjorn potty chairt you've been using at work.