Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July ya all ! Hope you had a great one and REFUSED TO LIGHT THE FUSE! My little trip to Chinatown the other day paid off and little kids faces were happy as can be in the glow of the sparklers last night!!!

We just hung around the pool with some peeps and got some serious sun and chat time. Wolfie went out to the 4th of July EXTRAVAGANZA with a friend and had fun. Thanks Con-Dog for hooking Wolfie up with the ride wristbands and stuff!!! He had a blast! He said he saw you Matt...did you take your kiddos there ? How was your gig ?

We went over the SJ DEHNAM's for a BBQ and ended up playing the above board game. That was lots of fun even though Rob keep yelling all night "Howard Jones" as his answer for everything!!! Obviously girls rule and boys drool.........Ha !

The 4th of July fireworks were like none we have ever seen in our little town here. Some words come to mind: Amazing, Unreal, CAR, bright, lighting the new high school on fire, pretty, paid and sponsored by Uber, CAR, low to the ground, loud and TRUCK!!!!!!!

If you were on the Jone's lawn last night all this will make sense to you...if you were not on the lawn but there in previous years......this will still make sense to you...if you have never been on the Jone's lawn on the 4th of July....well then you just may think I'm insane in the brain....

Happy 4th!!!

I finally got my 4th of July photos go and check them out......


Vicki said...

Very fun night! Bananarama. Loved the game and the company! Although my main goal for the evening was to answer more questions than you! It on!!!

Stacie said...

The girls did kick some booty!!! The neighbors still probably think we are a bunch of crazies!!!CAR, TRUCK--you can never be too careful!