Sunday, July 01, 2007

Stuff on Our Cat

I found this bag of Doritos the other day at Wal Mart (GOT THEM YET SJ DENHEM?)
and they are a mystery flavor. They want you to guess the flavor. Everyone at my house
agrees on the flavor and what it's "supposed" to taste like. Have you tried them yet?
What do you think ? Chloe said the jury is still out for her.......

Sometimes Chloe likes to get into her sweatshirt and get warm at the cool Nor Cal nights are upon us. It also doubles when she's undercover and trying to get her some bird or mouse to eat for a midnight snack.

They don't even see her coming in her original Build A Bear camo hoodie !

This is Chloe just letting everyone know that she's got our backs and is living strong !
She encourages everone to exercise, eat right and get our yearly mammograms and rectal exams....I kid you not about this.......LIVESTRONG PEEPS !

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