Sunday, July 01, 2007


I went out for dinner and some conversation on Saturday night with Lori and Leah. Have you had the Wasabi Green Beans at TGI FRIDAYS ? I think that Sonja intorduced me to them and I seriously crave them and can't stop eating them.........YUMMY!!!! In fact I want some right now!!!!! Notice the RED BULL ? That was Lori's and she was super awake and I know that I lost lots of points last night cause I was super tired and was not on the top of my game. Sorry Lori!!! Don't hold it against me!!!!

Here's Leah and her Volcano drink. She had the coolest ring on and I might try and take it from her one day!!! She's super sweet and is married to Pete who is also a "SkyView Social Club" card carrying member!!!

Check out flickr for a pic of me and Leah....doing what I do best..........

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Lorraine said...

Thanks guys, I was up past 2am with Red Bull drink. Had fun just hanging, gotta do it again real soon. But Steph you were a little disappointing!! (Yawning at the Bar) Just kidding.