Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trading Spaces

What a weekend we had around here. A few months ago Wolfie and Lexi decided they wanted to trade bedrooms. One of the downfalls about our lovely 1951 ranch style home is that it's really only got 2 bedrooms. There's also a very very small little den off the living room. That's been a bedroom and office over the last 12 years we have lived here. Wolfie's been in the big-monster bedroom for several years and decided he was ready to trade down. That was going to work out well for Lexi because she's got so many toys, Build A Bears, Art Supplies, Beanie Babies and so on...that she really needed the big room.

There were times over the weekend that I seriously just wanted to sit down and cry. There was so much stuff in both of their rooms (AKA CRAP) that is was physically and emotionally overwhelming. Stuff to keep, stuff to pack up for when they are grown adults, stuff to throw away.....seriously I was having nervous breakdowns during the day. When I was down and at the lowest point, Rob was there to chip in some man strength and help. When he was down....well I just went and took a nap.....LOL....sorry baby but my mind/body/spirit connection can only last for so many hours and then it gets stressed.....

So this last week we started the move. Of course in order to move Wolfie into the small room we had to get all of Lexi's stuff out and paint. I didn't think Wolfie wanted to sleep in a pink and green preppy room. So I finally got all the stuff out of there and last Thursday we went and picked out the paint. He went with a nice rich color green. The kids and I started to paint and patience was tested on my party. We got through it with minimul paint on our feet and bodies.

Rob's always the finish guy and came in Friday night to do the white baseboards and trim. He's a great finish guy. He secretly hates coming in after me cause he thinks it's more work than just taping off and doing the whole project himself. Oh well...sorry baby!!!! So by Saturday we were moving furniture in and getting Lexi's room set up also...

So this is some of the end result. I'm not quite done yet with Lexi's room and there are little touches here and there but you get the jist's of it. We threw out maybe 10 green garbage bags of junk and that's freeing in lots of ways.

Here's Wolfie green jungle room. We made a quick trip to IKEA for a duvet cover and some blinds for the window. He seems really happy with being in there. He's been sitting on the top bunk , reading and doing stuff and blasting his music.

Here's his Chameleon tank. It fit perfectly in this corner and on the TV stand that we got from a friend several years ago. We love to re-use things around the house and make them work. Well the truth be told , if we won the lottery, I would not re-use a single thing.....but since we have not won the lottery I re-use !!! :-)

Here's the other side of the room with his other reptile cages in there.

So we still have a ways to go, a twin bed to sell on Craigst list and some stuff to put away......but it's a great start for now......

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3boysmom said...

Looks good!!! Lexi is going to love that huge room! Love the green in Eiflow's room!