Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby !!!!

We got him good !!!! I planned and surprise party for Rob's 40th Birthday and really did get him!!! He had NO CLUE about the party!!! There was lots of "tom-foolery" (Yes I love that phrase and NO it's got nothing to do with Hollister Boy LOL) going on behind the pre-party scenes in order to get him out of the house. Joe thanks for totally lying to your friend in order to pull it off!!! You rock!!!

Here he is coming in after playing several hours of golf!!!

Here he is out by the pool, chillin like a 40 year old, with his friend Chris. He went to high school with Chris and was really touched that him and his wife Laura came. With their precious 16 day old baby, Cara, also with them!!! I didn't hear her make a peep all night!!

I have lots more photos of the evening and even from his birthday day. I'm waiting for more photos from Alfredo. He was sooo nice to bring (maybe even flaunt his Olympus over my little Kodak Easy Share ! hahaha) camera Saturday night and take a ton of photos. Thanks Al for doing that!!! Can't wait to see them!! (Waiting patiently to C&T them (Crop and Tweek)

Happy Birthday Rob !!! I must say for 40 you look great and even though you are the
same weight you were in high school I still love you !!!!

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