Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remember these numbers....2 & 7

It was the first day of school this week. Can you believe that I could not find my camera on the first day of school ? What the heck people ? So I just stole these from the BEAN'S Flickr account.

Here's Lexi at her Second Grade desk. Josh is there checking out the scene.

Here's Lexi in line and waiting for her teacher. The sun was really bright and she didn't want to smile for Trina...but she did cause she's a professional !!! :-)

Lexi and Jake in the same class again for the second year !! Yeah!!!! Lexi thinks the world of Jake!!!! They have been friends since they were born !!!

Here's the big boys crossing the street on their way home from 7th grade......BOI'S !!!!!!

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Vicki said...

LOVE the picture of them walking the crosswalk. I can not believe they are getting so grown up!! Look out girls!!