Monday, September 24, 2007

a good life

our 12 year old max went to doggie heaven today. he's been getting these lumps in his throat, growing and affecting his breathing and stuff. the vet called this morning and told us what we already had a feeling about. he had cancer. poor guy....even at the age of 12 he thought he was a puppy. he would burp, fart and drool on just about anyone who came over. he was a real piece of work ! he didn't really listen to great and had a mind of his own. he learned to "tolerate" chloe the cat and if he had his druthers would of eaten her for a mid-afternoon snack.

rob got max at the pound in antioch. from the moment he came home he's been a feisty puppy. he's never once made a agressive move to the kids and would tolerate lexi painting him with water and paint brushes when she was a toddler. he protected the yard from cats and loved when the squirrels came down to "play" . max was wolfie's first dog and a boy never forgets his first dog.

he was a good dog all in all and we will miss him. he's with king the cat and hopefully he's made a friend out of her and not a midnight snack!! we love you max ! you will always be our boy !

max and the kids last week

i think i feel worse for lucy. she's only ever known having max around.........


Roberta/SAHMmie said...

Steph, I'm so sorry about Max. Wolfie and Lexie must be very sad - at least they're old enough to understand, so you can talk about it and grieve. And you're right, Wolfie will never forget Max - none of you will! He sounds like a kid's perfect dog - he was lucky you found him, and you were lucky too.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie and family- We will be thinking of you as you remember all the great times you had with Max. He was a very lucky dog to be part of such a great family!