Saturday, September 22, 2007

jordan at college

1. So how’s the food in the cafeteria ? What’s your favorite thing to eat there ?

its good, better than high school. that stuff made me want to puke. ive mostly eaten salads but i eat whatever looks good to me.

2. So is Humboldt really known for it’s hills and stairs ? Why and is that really true ?

i want to chop my legs off sometimes, if that doesn't tell ya somethin i dont know what will.

3. What’s the weather been like and are you still wearing flip flops ?

its been really sunny latey and really nice. mostly in the 60s and it was 71 one time i think.

4. What do you miss most about your home ?

my mom and my baby(Lexi)

5. What’s the best thing about going away to college ?

i dont have to see all the losers that i hate from high school, some of them could be
dead for i care

EDITED TO ADD BY STEPH: This is the Jordan we know and love. So full of sugary sweetness and love for all living human beings and creatures around her...NOT!!!! :-) Hey at least she's honest!

6. What’s the worst thing you hate about going away to college ?

i cant see my family :,(

7. Looking back on high school......what’s the one thing you loved about high school ?


8. Are the dorms crazy or pretty mellow ?

my dorm has quiet hours but just cause we have them doesnt mean ppl are going to follow them, but i do fall asleep some how.

9. Did you leave anything at home that you wish you would of brought to college ? i cant remember ...... lol

10. What’s your hardest class and why is it hard ?

um...i dont think any of them are hard, a bit stressful but not hard. though i have a lot of writing in english which i hate doing cause the pieces have to be 500 words or more....grrr...

You can drop Jordan a line at Also please try and not worry about her English and writing (Capitalization, spelling and such) because as many of you know there is a difference between texting writing and school least I hope there is for Jordan!!! LOL Have fun up there Jordan!

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