Monday, September 17, 2007

Justice for Girls

Lexi went to Anna Grace's birthday party this weekend!! Happy Birthday Anna Grace!! Hope you had a great birthday weekend!!!! Thanks for inviting Lexi to the party! She had so much fun !!! I'm sure that Vicki will post some great photos of the party on her Wooly Bully Blog !

They did her hair all fancy at Justice! I loved it!!! It looked so cute and all fancy!!!!!!

My little girl is growing up !!!

We were in Sac and I was taking a pic of them....she decided to point to her hair!!!


Stanley's Friends said...

I dont get it...who did her hair and what was the occasion?? Looks cute!

Vicki said...

Thank you Lexi for coming to Anna Grace's B-day. It was fun. The girls were all so good! Thank you Lexi!

BearKatCounselor said...

Her hair looks awesome, I think Wolfie has long enough hair for that look also. Just kidding, he can probably beat me up :-(.