Friday, September 07, 2007

wheeeee for me

well it's really wheeeee for us....but wheeeee for me rhymes....and rhyming is always the best route to go !!! The kids real mother (sounds SICK, since it's her brothers kids, but she feels like she's their mother, it's a feeling people) wanted to see them this weekend. Rob and I jumped on that bandwagon and met up with her at the Krispy Kreme in Pinole. We then thought it might be good to eat some actual food before the sugar, laden goodness. We had a quick but very nice meal at Panda Express and then ran back to KK as fast as we could. This are some treo camera phone pics of the KK experience....Here's Wolfie either doing some Kung Foo fighting before the sugary goodness is served !

Lexi can't wait for the wonder of KK !

Why be normal ?

There they go !!! Off on a Aunt Wendell adventure!!!!

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