Thursday, September 27, 2007

when I grow up

I want to be a photographer. I get my love of taking pictures from my mom. When I was little she always had her camera with her and took photos. Lots of them. Of course being the consumate willing model I never got sick of it but people around me did. LOL....Sometimes taking the time to smile and pose can be a pain....but the fun that you have looking at the photos is always cool. Most of the time when I think back on memories I see things in slideshows with music. I know it sounds weird but I put alot of life's memories into little storiers with music. Strange but it's true.

Here are some blogs that have been inspiring me lately:

Jessican Claire Photography Blog

Tara Whitney Photography with a fresh perspective

beckers blog

Scarlett Lillian

If you have time check them out. Get into the monthly archives and watch some of the slideshows. Really amazing stuff. I think that Jessica and Becker are good friends so you
will see them on each others blog.

Leave a comment if you like checking these out. I have several more really cool ones that I can post!!!

Have fun!!!!

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