Monday, October 01, 2007

crop it and twerk it

If a professional photographer says they don't do anything to process their photos after taking them...they are lying ! Yes, it's true that taking a photo is up to the opinion and know how of who's behind the lens but the wonderful photos you see in magazines and on TV are all touched up. The sky is bluer (Is that how you spell blue-er ?) not because the person lives in Kansas but because of the magic of Photoshop!

Trina took these pics of me yesterday. Yesm there might of been a bit of drooling and kissing of false gods. My girls Nikons!!! In all honesty I am NOT jealous but happy for them. I just want one of my own ! So here is the BEFORE version:

Here is the AFTER version:

So just a simple cropping, adjusting the saturation, sharpness, exposure and brightness can do lots for a photo. Of course this part of the process is also in the eyes of the beholder and the person adjusting the controls. I tend to like my photos a bit over processed and like to have fun with them. That's the beauty of photography ! It really is an art form !

My iPHOTO program in my MacBook has simple, easy to use settings to do this. I also have PhotoShop Elements which is a beginners version to the "big mother of all photo programs" PhotoShop. It's got lots of cool stuff and I'm still learning. I think you can purchase Elements for around $80 and it's a good starting point if your computer does not have this adjusting ability.

No Nikons D80's were harmed in the taking of this photo also.
They were lovingly handed back to their owners !

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3boysmom said...

WOW! my camera can take good pictures...after lots of tweeking!!