Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kings Game.......

We went to the Kings VS Seattle game last night. The kids each took a friend and it was lots of fun! Lexi loves Slamson so it was the highlight of her night that we found him !

Jake and Lexi and Slamson !

After the game the kids went down and each took a shot on the court.
It's no illusion folks, Con really is that much taller !!! LOL

Okay so this is after the game at the players exit. Yeah I hooked the kids up for a little basketball player eye candy. You can't be afraid to do a little player stalking. We were totally cool and chill and except for this photo right before we left did not look like insane fans ! I will have to ask Jake again the names of the players we saw. Mike Bibby and Brad Miller must of gone out another way cause they knew we were waiting for them !!!

Thanks Kim for hooking us up and thanks kids for being so good last night !

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