Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And 1

The Cougars had their first game yesterday. They played great and it's impressive to see this group of boys and how they interact with each other. A really nice group of dudes. Their coaches ROCK and I think they do a great job teaching them and encouraging them to play their best. They really encourage teamwork and that's nice to see.

It's always fun to watch Wolfie play ball with his friends. Wolfie and Justin play different positions and it's cool to see how they pass and help each other out....and the rest of the team. It's hard to believe these guys met when they were 2. Now they play "So Tough" !

The one downer side of basketball season is the games start at 5:15 and 4:00 pm. I work till 5:00 pm and then a mad rush to get Lexi from daycare and make the game. I told Wolfie I won't be able to make all the games. I think he understands but what kid does not want their parent there cheering them on. Most school sports are after school so not all parents can make it. That's the breaks of working full time. Sucks but someone's got to pull the HUGE salary right ? :-) LOL To pay for my new Nikon which I'm sure I will get once basketball season is just about over !!! :-) I have already requested the weekend tournaments off and I totally OWE SIM (read previous post's if your un-clear about SIM) big time for taking Wolfie to games and helping me out. She's got the golden key to swim in the pool all summer !!! It's better than the golden ticket !! :-)

On a side note I think that I have decided to get a used Nikon D1X body only as a start. Lenses I can get anywhere. It retailed brand spankin new for about $4000 and if I can find the body from someone who's upgrading to a bigger and better one it will be a great deal. It should be fun !!!

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3boysmom said...

You don't owe SIM anything! But, you could get your camera now and I'd be happy to take pictures for you too!