Thursday, November 29, 2007


We live on a very busy corner here in our town. It's on the left hand side of this photo and you can hardly see it but let me tell you it's horrible. It's one of the major ways out and in town and also a crosswalk for kids to get to junior high. It's dangerous and congested but we love it and love where we live even though it's a crazy corner. I have asked the city several times to take action and put in a 4 way stop or flashing street embedded lights in and they have always blown me off. Now that my son and his friends cross that street every morning it's a bit higher on my "don't blow me off " list of things to get done. I had also "consulted" with a citizen (we call him the watchdog as he keeps an eye on the climate of the city here in town) here in town and asked if he could help me get the ball rolling a bit. He came out and watched traffic on a Monday morning and feels like we are justified in asking the city to do something.

My family went to the city council meeting this week to speak and let them know, again, how we feel. I asked Wolfie and his friend Justin, to do the same. Write a little something and get up and speak. He sat down all on his own after school Tuesday and wrote a whole page of what he was going to say. After all they are the ones that cross and it's best to hear from the one that have first hand knowledge of it.

We rush from a junior high basketball game, the boys are starved and Rob's told the guys are band practice he will be late. We get to the city council chambers and the audience seats are filling up fast. Really filled up. As in no seats left really. It seems the juniors and seniors are there as a requirement for a class they are taking. I start to get a little nervous and hope I don't cough all the way through my speech. I play it cool but in my head I'm thinking "WOW my 12 year old is going to get up in front of ALL these kids and adults and speak" When I was 12 I would of been freaking out with public speaking but in these days you just have to get used to it. I enjoy it now but it's a learned thing for most people.

So they call me first and I get up and do my thing. Our watchdog is there at the meeting also and I'm hoping I do okay. I'm also hoping I don't have a wedgie as I'm standing right in front of about 45 people with my back to them. I get through my speech with no coughs and go sit back down. The Mayor then calls Wolfgang to come speak and he goes up , reads his speech and does great. PROPS, SNAPS to you my son !!! Our buddy Justin gets up and does a super job and PROPS, SNAPS to you to my friend !!!!!! Way to go dudes !!!!!

Then the watchdog gets up and supports our statements and asks for follow up and it's going to the traffic advisory committee in a few weeks. Then we will have to get up again and do a speech and hopefully have many more people there from our neighborhood to stand up also.

I hope they are able to do something soon about this issue. I will keep you updated on the scoop !!


3boysmom said...

PROPS! SNAPS! to you my friend! Your speech was awesome! Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this one!

Oh, btw, I didn't want to tell you, but since you brought it up, you had a slight wedgie! :-(

Anonymous said...

Great job to you all. That is a terrible corner. You are all braver than I would be!

Mom to the Lindenmuth Boys said...

...and you're now famous! I think I saw your name in print 2 - 3X in the IV in the mail today! Good for you!

Mom to the Lindenmuth Boys said...
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Bahama Mama said...

I'm with ya Steph, wedgie and all!!