Sunday, November 18, 2007

Starbucks Cup Today 11/18/07

Pass On The Cheer
Hold the door for somebody laden with packages.  Serve hot chocolate and coffee to passing carolers. Pay the toll for the car behind you or do something nice for somebody you don't even know.  When you pass the cheer through little moments like this, you create warmth that outshines the brightest holiday lights !

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Roberta/SAHMmie said...

Hey, I did that yesterday! Shopping at Goodwill on a $2-for-all-clothing day and it was NUTS! But as I was plowing thru the jeans, I was rehanging the ones that were falling off - right next to the guy who works there, doing the same thing! I said I can't stand it - I have to hang them back up. He thanked me and said he wished more shoppers were like me! Warm feelings all around . . .