Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wiseacre Wednesday

Morning friends !!! I hope that today finds you warm and ready to relax on the big day tomorrow. I am really excited to be making mashed potatoes to bring to my in laws house tomorrow. I found a yummy looking recipe at the Pioneer Woman Cooks and you can check it out by going to this page. She's one of my favorite new bloggers. She's got a really amazing story on how her life all started and also takes amazing photos. Her everyday blog is just the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and she's got a great sense of humor and love for her family. My friend Lorraine (AKA Lori or Rain LOL) told me about this and I have been hooked every since.

I was woken up this morning to a venti mocha with whip and the newspaper from my lovely husband. Thanks baby !!! You ROCK !!!! That totally made my day in a big way !!! He told me if was in honor of Happy Friday. Okay I don't know who's calendar he's going off of but to me it's Wed but I will take coffee in bed whenever I can get it !!!! Of course my lovely hubby's got a 4 day weekend coming up. It's BLACK FRIDAY coming up and it's the biggest day of year for retail. Since I work in retail customer service I need to gear myself up for a huge day of selling, smoothing, soothing and making people happy !!!!

Lexi and I got Bella a pink fur type of dog coat at Wal Mart and she's so cute in it !!! Rob thinks it's a bit ridiculous but we don't care. (Sorry hon ! ) What little girl does not want a dog to dress up ? It's funny cause even though Bella is a girl she's pretty tom boy looking so seeing her in a pink fur coat is funny. I will snap pic's this weekend !!!

Okay it's time to get ready for work. I hope that you all have a great T-Day and please I'm begging you out for the Tryptophan !

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