Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Changes may be coming.......

I took these pics this morning. If you look really careful you will see a cop sitting out front of my house. I'm really hoping he saw people driving horrible and will make an official report about it. I did see him drive off after someone and then come back and park. Yeah for the Police.
This is Wolfie and his friend Bryan leaving my yard and getting ready to cross. I really hope that our city does something this time to help the crossing be safer ! There is a city meeting on in December that everyone and anyone that this affects should come to. If you want the official date and time just e-mail me. This corner ,on it's own merit ,SHOULD have something in place but it sometimes takes a small CROWD of people and neighbors to help make a point !

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Dreamin' of Paradise said...

Hey, they're taking your issue seriously- that's great! Here's hoping for a stop sign and flashing crosswalk! Way to pump up the masses Steph! grin