Sunday, December 16, 2007


Wolfie's junior high basketball season is over ! They did a great job and the Coachs RAWK !!!!
We are missing one of our best bud's in this picture, TJ, as he was home with a fever ! We missed you today ! Hope your feeling better soon and we get a group photo soon with you all
in it !!! Lucky for us youth basketball league is coming up in a few more weeks so there's more basketball to come !!!


Marilyn said...

Living in Davis, the kids at the jr. high where I work hear all the time what a basketball powerhouse Dixon is. Having been to the high school tournament over three days...and with both Varsity (my nephew's on the team) and JV winning their tournaments, now I understand. Our poor little Davis 7th graders got blown out of the water most of the time! :)

Java Mom said...

Aw your sweet to say that Marilyn !!! We love our sports here in D-Town !!!

So you came over to D-Town for the Ram Jam ? Or a tourney in Davis ? I really wanted to see some of the Ram Jam but our 7th grade tourney was in Sac-Town.....