Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sorry readers but I can't let it go. The whole .com thing needs to be played out for a bit longer. Bear with me....So my hard drive crashed on my laptop. This is obviously the bad news as this is not good news. All my photos might be lost forever. I'm in a total state of denial. All my bookmarks, documents,'s all on there and maybe gone. Thank goodness for Flickr and YouTube....but still I had around 4000 photos on my laptop. So now I need to make an appointment at the "genius bar" at an Apple Store and take it in. I'm using the kids computer but it's not the same.

So the good news has to do with our little corner where we live. We went to a city traffic advisory meeting last night. Other than the fact that Wolfie looked so bored his body might spontaneously combust it went well. The "Commissioners" agreed that it needs to be a 4 way stop and voted something like 5 in favor and 2 not in favor . There's always got to be a few hard heads in the bunch huh ? I'm still a little confused as it's not 100% done deal but very very close to being one. It's got to go to the city council meeting again and we will need to be there for that meeting also in January. Our local 'watchdog" as I like to refer to him will need to clarify for me the rest of the process. So it went well and we are really on our way.

Have a great Thursday peeps !


3boysmom said...

I am so excited about the 4 way stop...thanks for dealing with this while I started my Xmas shopping :-))

Now, your pictures, OMG I don't know what to say!!! Luckily as SIM I have lots of pics of your kids I can copy for you :-)) That just stinks! I hope the genius apple geek can recover everything for you!!!!

bertamom said...

Yay on the 4-way stop! I know it will take time - government moves SLOWLY - but it sounds like it's happening! As for your computer - those mac geniuses can do magic, so don't lose hope yet! And for the future - back up your pics on CD's! (gg)