Sunday, December 23, 2007

Grateful is only one of the many words I can use this morning to describe the gratitude I feel for my friends and family. They made my 40Th birthday such a special many many ways ! Even though my head was hurting on Saturday my heart was full of love for you all ! I know that people say stuff like that but I really mean it ! You guys all ROCK HARD !!!

Check out this cake that Lisa made for me ! How flipping cute is that ? I didn't want to eat it but wanted to turn it into a fake piece of food and keep it forever.....but since it's got lots and lots of buttercreme on it....I'm gonna eat it !

So thank you thank you and more thanks for making my over the hill day ROCK !!!!


Anonymous said...

Such a cool cake! You really do have great friends! Lets keep the birthday train rolling--I havent celebrated with you yet! :) --wr (I log in as anonymous sometimes cause Im too lazy to actually log in!)

Dreamin' of Paradise said...

What an amazingly cool Cake, Steph! Beautiful! Happy Birthday!