Monday, December 03, 2007

Manic Monday

I really need to get out of bed and get our day started. Heading off to work and school on a Monday always feels wrong ! Wouldn't it be nice to just hang out at home, in bed and sleep in ? I have tomorrow off so maybe I can take Lexi to school , come home and slip back into bed for a while ? NAH to much to do !!!

We got invited , again, to M Court Sunday night dinner. It was a packed house and lots of fun. The food they cook over there is so tasty and yummy ! For a house full of 10 adults and 11 kids it was pretty mellow. Even if it was dark and cold a game of hide and seek in their court was enjoyed by all the kiddos ! Maybe that's why it was mellow, the kids were running around (exposing their bronchial tubes to the cold) and the men were all about sports talk and well the girls......were talking and laughing. Let's just say when Kim gets laughing so hard it makes me want to laugh with her....too funny and the content...well better left unsaid....for now !!!!!

The kids started forming human body pyramids and had a blast ! We had to get the soldiers to be part of the bottom and the kids loved that ! There were too many to post so check out my flickr for more human pyramid fun !!

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