Sunday, January 13, 2008


So tonight I'm trying to clean up my bedroom so I turn on the TV to see what's on.  I catch up on one episode of House Hunters International.  I love that show and always try to guess which house they choose.  Then I turn it to VH1 Scott Baio is 45 and Pregnant....have you seen this show ?  WOW..the guy is a total selfish, head case and is not the Chauchi we knew and loved.  He does have a few redeeming moments....but WOW......he's really something.  

Then it leads right into Celebrity Detox with Dr. Drew.  I really like Dr. Drew so I got sucked into this show.  WOW OMG....these people are truly messed up.  The guy Jeff Conway from Grease..goodness he's got issues.  The other people on there are in a bit of denial and it will be interesting to see who stays and who goes.   

Of course next Sunday the Brady show is back and I love that show.  What is it about that guy ?  
So now thanks to the fact that I had to clean my room.....I'm sucked into 3 new shows !!! 

Thanks VH1 !!!!!!  


Vicki said...

Did you miss Rock of Love 2?
Oh my, I just had to turn away...

3boysmom said...

I missed all of them!!! How did that happen?!??!