Sunday, February 17, 2008

Did you think I was done using the cute .com for my blog titles ?  Yeah, I still love that !!!  What a nice busy weekend it's been so far.   Saturdays for 10 weeks straight it's all about basketball.  I love it so much !!! Yesterday I had been fighting getting a bad headache all week and woke up with one.  I took my meds and stayed in bed.  I missed Lexi's game but Coach Rob was there and Aunt Wendell.  By the time they all got home, I was up and feeling better.  Ready for the next game of the day.  

Wolfie's team (Let's hear it for the No-Names) played a great game on Saturday. It was a nice win for them. I know it's not always about the wins.....but this one felt good.....It's amazing the parent support this team has.  Grandparents and friends all there to cheer this AWESOME group of kids on.  Not only are the coaches supportive and wonderfully patient with the kids but they teach them and work with them to be better players and kids.  They don't yell or scream at them for no reason.  There is purpose, teaching and a genuine love of them game they are sharing with these "No Names" ......

The day didn't end with basketball.  Our God-Daughter Kendall turned 2 yesterday so her family came over and we had some BBQ, tri tip heaven, laughs and a yummy ELMO cake !!!  Actually it was just an Elmo head. Not sure if they charge more for the whole body....but the head did taste good.  There our more pics and fun at Flickr !  

Today is sunny and should be a fine day.  I do feel bad that we didn't make it to church today. The church is getting a new pastor and that's one of my goals for the new year....make there and be with the kids present and show up....but just not for Sundays but for each year.  Each person's spirtuality is a individual journey and we each have to be accountable in our own way.   

I'm off to get some laundry going, open each of the drapes and let the sun in.  Looks for a nice day for a picnic !!!!  

What are you doing today ?  

p.s.  my spell check is not't be judging !!!  

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