Sunday, March 16, 2008

8 Her day......

Birthdays are not just one day anymore !! It's like a week or a weekend !   Lexi was star of the week last week and that meant taking different things into her class last week.   Then our Saturday started off with Lexi's basketball game.  She did great and had some nice moves !!

 Then it went to getting the house cleaned up for a BBQ.  I truly wish my house was 4X the size or my kids would both have summer birthdays !!!   It's hard in the winter to have more than about 2 families over for a BBQ inside the house.   Rob and I love to have big parties (Well maybe I do more than Rob LOL) and be able to invite every single person in our town over ! We had a few parties last summer and since our backyard is HUGE I think the most we have had is close to problem !!!   Winter dinners tend to be one or two families max......bummer !!!!  We need to convert the garage to a REC ROOM !!!  Rob can you get on that ?  LOL    

Anyway Wolfie had his basketball game at noon.  He played GREAT and had some awesome moves.  Unfortunately for their team their baskets could not land and the other teams did.  They lost by only 10 but it was a great game.  Oh yeah and Wolfie fouled out !!! the great philospher said "You can't take them home with you"   Way to go BOI !!!!!  It's the first time he's ever fouled out !!!!  It was a fun game !!!!  

After Wolfies game , Lexi got a nice nap in !   Then around 5pm or so a few peeps came over for Lexi's favorite tri tip bbq.  It was a fun night of ROCK BAND  (Thanks Shaun for coming down and bringing it )  , dog fights, old vine zin, bbq, cabo wabo t, random rain showers and lots of snacks !   

The night ended around 1AM after a viewing of Lexi's Bee Movie......I should of taken a shot of the bodies sleeping on the living room floor !!!!  All in all a great night and Lexi went to sleep happy !   Thanks to everyone who stopped by to wish Lexi a nice birthday !!!!  

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