Thursday, March 13, 2008

L.A. Saturday

Bk--Rocks the Sunglases !!!
Bk--Rocks the Sunglases !!! ,
originally uploaded by Steffoush.
We had a great Saturday in L. A. We started back at the grove for a bit, had fresh OJ, went to Venice Beach, had lunch and watched the freaks. I love to people watch and could sit all day there and check out that scene !!!!

After Venice we headed to Malibu. My fav L. A. pics are from Malibu......but work, life and kids call to your gonna have to wait !!!!!

Be sure to click on little miss BK rocking the red hollywood sunglasses to take you to my Flickr wonderland for more pics !!!!!


BoboCincoa.k.a. Justin said...

That pic of BK is pretty funny lol

Bahama Mama said...

Did you put lipstick on her to match the glasses?? Too cute!!!