Wednesday, March 19, 2008


When Tam and I headed to the Santee Alley's in August of 2007 we saw a guy there. He was walking right down the middle of the alley and everyone was saying hello to him. I could not help but notice his feet. They were like nothing I ever saw before. He had a very obvious birth defect. I felt so sad for him and his feet. The entire day I could not stop thinking about him and hoped that people were kind and nice to him.

Well just two weeks ago when Tam and I were there again I was saying that if we saw him again it would be a miracle. So I asked one of the girls that works in the Alleys if she knew him and she nodded to her right and said "Him?" and there he stood. He was standing right in the middle of the Alleys asking for money. He wears handmade shoes. Tam and I went up to him and talked to him. He spoke pretty decent English. He told us his name. I told him that I saw him 7 months ago and had always wondered how he was. He told us that his parents may have been able to get surgery for him when he was a young child but they never did.

He was one of the sweetest guys I have talked to in a long time. Very gracious and genuine. He seemed very touched that we actually took the time to talk to him. Tam and I want to write to Oprah or a major shoe company and see if we can get custom shoes for him. He told us he's okay but begging is the only way he can make money. Of course we helped him out.

I don't post these photos to mock or make fun. I walked away from him this last time with my eyes filled with tears. We walk each day taking for granted our own life's and the people in our life. We don't take the time to walk in other peoples shoes. Sergio is a perfect example of walking in someone shoes. Take a minute to appreciate what you have and help others.

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