Friday, May 09, 2008

Yeeeeee Hawwwwww

Cheesy Smile!!
Cheesy Smile!!,
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It's MayFair time again !!!! I'm posting this photo of Lexi from 2005...3 years ago. Ever since my hubby moved me back to this small town I get extreme joy of taking the kids to the MayFair !!! It's one of the oldest fairs in California ! My mil is the town Historian and I'm sure I could get exact dates from her but heck the Zipper is waiting along with a rolled taco and cotton candy ! No time to waste !!!

The kids get out of school early today and then it's a MAD MAD MAD rush to get them fed a decent lunch and then head out to the fair to get a decent parking spot and the kids INSTANTLY on rides and hooked up wtih their friends !!!! It's all GOOD !!!!

Last night the B-52's played and with the way the sound works in this little town they might of been in my backyard or at least down the street !! Love shack BABY !!!!

So check back soon partners for photos of the fairs little pleasures !!! Also maybe some good carnie footage ! LOL

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Jeff Myers said...

We saw your photos displayed at the fair. Good stuff!!