Sunday, December 18, 2005

Is it over yet?

My e-mail is all messed up, I have a bad cough, Rob's sick....and the kids are making a's raining and windy.....We have hardly any food in the house....unless you count candy from the homework jar. It's time for SUPERMOM to take some cold meds and carry on!!!! Oh yeah and there is more laundry around my house right now than I can get through today. A good reason to not have more kids is the amount of laundry even one more little person would bring with them. Plus all the little socks.......okay so I'm not meaning to vent....just happened....

if you get this e-mail message on Sunday morning before about noon....can you send me an e=mail so I can see if my e-mail settings are working yet? I'm trying to fix it myself....put one more hat on me......Geek Squad Supervisor. I add the word supervisor cause it makes me feel better....Like I can boss someone around.....LOL


mom-of-3boys said...

One more week and all the craziness of the holiday season will be over! And then, only one more week after that til YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!

Vicki said...

There is nothing wrong with candy for breakfast. Just ask Anna Grace.
I hope you are feeling better soon!