Friday, December 23, 2005

My new shoe obsession.....

Most of you know that I hate SOCKS!!! I think I own maybe one pair. If I ever need a pair for my one pair of tennis shoes I take a pair of Rob's. I love shoes that you don't have to wear socks with and just slip on. Yes I know I run the risk of daily having stinky feet but it's a chance I take. I'm totally into comfort.

These are the new shoes I'm thinking/dreaming about.

Yeah they look a little wierd.....but I got a pair of the "fake" ones from Wal Mart and LOVE now I'm going to get a real pair. People SWEAR by them. One person gave a testimonial that they went to the Magic Kingdom for a week and that's all they wore and never had one shoe issue. That's all it takes for me to run and buy them!!!

I really want both these styles. Very comfy!!!

I think I will use my birthday money from my hubby to get them!!! Thanks BABY!!!!!


Queue_t said...

I love mine too, I even just wrote about them yesterday - I have made three layouts featuring mine, and I am on the crocs web page too.

go for it you will love them

mom-of-3boys said...

GROOVY!!! Think girls birthday my friend!

Mom2DraBrittGunn said...

Let me know if the make your feet damp from the heat or what have ya??? I too don't even OWN a single pair of socks.
Another great shoe is Nike Barefoot. It flexes with your foot and you can run in them, goto the gym, or just wear them. NO SOCK REQUIRED. Its like your"Barefoot".