Saturday, March 11, 2006

My sons got heart !

It's been a crazy week. Wolfie's been pretty sick. He's had 2 EKG's, 1 echocardiogram of his heart, about 35 vials of blood taken (Yeah he got so tough) and x-rays of sinus and lungs. He's had a rash, fever for over a week, swollen fingers and feet, sore muscles, lost 6 pounds and just feeling crummy. Plus missing the last games of his basketball season with his peeps can make a person just feel so sick.

The echo above is his heart. His heart is just fine and everything around the heart looks good. They have been throwing everything out at us from Rheumatic Fever which stems from an unfound/untreated case of strep in the body, Kawasaki's Disease, Vascular Collagen Disease and a plate full of others. None are in the REALLY FREAK YOU OUT catagory so please don't be worried about anything like that....for now. I really like the doc's at Kaiser and they have called me every day and been very honest and open with us. I even have their private phone numbers in the back know if you have ever dealt with Kaiser this is like winning the lottery!

We were supposed to be in Disneyland this week. I wrote my kids out at school on Independant Study so the kids could get all their make up work. We were traveling there with my family, my friend , my godson and new baby.

It was also supposed to be pouring down rain in LA this week. That's not fun to take a newborn baby in the rain to the happiest place on earth. We had waited for the day a long time to take all the kids (AND ROB MY HUBBY) to the happiest place on earth all together. Tam with her new baby, Rob wanting to see the Mr. Lincoln show again, Lexi screaming for more chips and a soda, Chase and Wolfie off riding California Screaming, me trying to get behind the scenes and take some secret photos of behind the scenes....walking right down the middle of main street USA.

The Sunday before we were supposed to leave Wolfie had a 103.5 fever and I just thought there is no way we can go on the trip this week. Monday morning I called and canceled the hotel and flight and they were all really nice about it. So we have some nice CREDIT at Southwest right now and I can't wait to use it someday!! Mickey can wait!!! Lucky for me I had taken this last week off work. I'm going to have to take it day by day this upcoming week. My hubby's ending a awesome job he's had for 8 years this upcoming week, it's our daughters birthday and he's getting ready to start another job. What a CRAZY couple of weeks it's been.

So here we are on Saturday. He's on two different meds and still has a low grade fever. We have an appointment on Monday to see an Pediatric Infectious Disease Doctor and possibly if needed the same day a Pediatric Rheumatology Doctor.

Wolfie's been asking me if I was going to blog "him" being sick....well that just seemed wrong. Of course don't think that it didn't occur to me to take his photo when he was getting his EKG's...but that's the bad mother in me. I asked him if I could blog this heart photo and he said yes.

There have been a couple things that I have learned this last few weeks. We are very blessed. Friends and Family who offer to do anything for us, offers of tutoring Wolfie with his math, taking Lexi for a few hours or picking her up from school and even sending groceries from Not to mention the help with trying to help finding Rob a new job, helping his fine tune his resume and getting him leads. Just know that Rob and I would do the same for all of you!! We love you all and APPRECIATE the help and prayers that have gone out for our family this last week.


Vicki said...

I have to rest just reading about your life right now. So sorry about Disneyland. Its so nice to see your son really does have a big heart! Hope you guys have a restful weekend and Wolfie feels better soon!

mom-of-3boys said...

We love our friends and we just want Wolfie BETTER!!!!!!!! I love the picture of his heart, it looks to me like someone is hugging his heart (look closely at the white in the middle..)We hope you are feeling better OOOfie!!