Monday, March 13, 2006

No FEVER Baby!!

Wolfie woke up today with no fever......the first day in over a week ! I didn't get my new thermometer till over a week ago, but he's really had a fever on and off for 2 weeks. I'm praying this is a turning point for him and the meds are kicking in and working! We are still going to see the Doc today. I will let everyone know what's going on!!

I think all the prayers this last Sunday are really working!!!



Vicki said...

Yipeee no fever!Good luck at the doctors today. We will be thinking of you!

mom-of-3boys said...

WOOHOO!!!! Did you ask the 20Q guy about it?!?! heehee! Can't wait to hear what the Dr. says today! Hope he's on the road to recovery...we all miss him!!