Monday, July 17, 2006

Santee Alley........

Okay we are back from our road trip adventure. MAN was it an adventure!!! I'm doing my first post just about the Alley's. I will do a whole trip post later today. We got home about midnight on Saturday night and it was so hot in Nor Cal on Sunday that I didn't clean out my car and still need to do that today. Rob did wash my car yesterday so all the bugs from 101 are off the car!!! Thanks BABY!!!!

Okay LA was having a heat wave last week. Poor Chase was coming down with either the tummy flu or a heat stroke. You can see him in the white shirt on the right hand side of the photo just wanting to be DONE with the shopping. It was HOT!!! So hot that sweat was just dripping off me and the whole back of my hair was soaking wet. That didn't keep me from shopping though. Baby poop in Tam's shoes and on her skirt didn't stop her from haggling over a LV watch as we were walking out of the Alleys!! If you have ever been to the Roseville Auction or Tijuana it's kind of like being there. Lots of noise, people and things going on. I don't feel unsafe being there but I did keep a tight hold on my purse. Most everyone is very nice...could be cause they want you to spend your money with them. They did have the bacon wrapped hot dogs but I could not bear to try one. Also they had cold watermelon and papaya on ice that was yummy.

Tam got Kendall a stroller and I put Lexi in it so I could keep track of her and shop longer!! LOL Wolfie was a little bit nervous being there as it's a crazy atmosphere and not like at home. He did get some fun stuff though.

Here's a guy on the corner selling rabbits, birds and turtles. The rabbits were selling for $18.00 which the guy told me it was a special deal for my little girl. Of course the kids wanted one but we already knew that we were NOT coming home with any Alley animals this time. I feel sorry for the animals that are being sold there. It was so hot and they should of not been out there in the heat.

The Alleys were fun. For some reason I'm really into the Louis Vuitton Monogram style purse. I got a few scores and will post photos of them later. I did get taken on a pair of BEBE flip flops.....they really said BABE when I looked at them up close!!! LOL I did some Christmas shopping. They had really nice fake Rolex watches for $75. I would love to do another weekend trip to the Alley's sometime with no kiddos. It's very overwhelming and you forget what your looking for. Imagine going into IKEA wanting to buy new kitchen cabinets and you have your kids with's for the serious purse shoppers and not the faint of heart!! LOL

Check out this VR Panoramo of the Santee Alley.
Give you a really good idea of where we shopped.

P.S. When I said that I wanted to take another trip to the Alley's I really meant next year....since I'm not working and am broke I need to save for my next Alley trip...girls think about a girls weekend next fall!!!


Vicki said...

Can't wait to see what you got! Hope you had fun at the happiest place on earth and oh yea disneyland too!

mom-of-3boys said...

looks like FUN!! Can't wait to see the rest of your pics and especially your PURSE...ES!!!