Friday, August 25, 2006

Chill Town's going down...maybe

Okay if the girls were smart they would gang up on Chill Town and take them down...but I'm not sure the girls can really pull that together.....they have the numbers andif they can get chicken george in with them....unstoppable.

So what will Erika do? Is she fond enough of Boogie to keep him around? Or is she playing him?

Will plays this game amazing and it makes me laugh when Boogie says "Well it's what Will wants to do" LOL What a cute couple!!! LOL

Okay Janelle....I loved the crying and making herself appear broken. What a perfect way for a beautiful women to work it. The close up of her with a single tear running down her face was great. Priceless.

Okay off to work now. Oh I'm working now!! Did you know that? :-)

Have a great FRIDAY everyone!!!!

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