Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't SAY A WORD!!!!

Since my kids have "bedtime" and Rob's the enforcer now I could not watch our TIVO of BB7 .

So last night Rob gets the kiddos into brushing their teeth, reading and bed....but I'm not ready for bed. So I lay on the couch for a while to watch some of my shows. I really want to watch BB7. My mom/family guilt kicks in and I can't watch it without all of them. DARN. So now I have to watch it tonight with them. Cause we watch it together as a family. FAMILYPEOPLE If I would of watched it last night I would of broken the unwritten family code.

So don't e-mail me with what happened last night, don't tell me or send me the Sir Links web site e-mail link so I can read about it. Just try to refrain from telling me the dirt or how funny Chill Town was or how Danni is the Black Widow of the house.

UNLESS I beg you and promise Starbucks and ICEE's....then you can tell me!!


mom-of-3boys said...

Okay, I won't tell you then. But damn was it #$%^@!!! Are you sure you can wait??? Oh my god, just wait 'til you se %^%$#@!!!

LaFlor said...

i want starbucks... none of it here, as well as no tivo. so lucky you are to get both of those