Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lady In The Water...Movie Review

I took my son and nephew to see this movie last night

I thought the story premise was a bit weird. I like more reality based stories. The movie really wasn't scary except for a weird dog/wolf that would charge at people about 4 times. Then at the end when the eagle came and took the lady in the water back home was a little intense. We jumped a couple times. I was really proud of myself for sitting through a scary movie. I normally don't like them at all. I would say this one was more susspense than anything. Not bloody or gorey. I love a good mystery or suspense thriller and this would of been it had the store been more reality based.

I guess it was rated PG13 for being intense. There was little or no cussing and no nudity. I know that M. Night Shyamalan normally will take a very small role in his own movies but this time he was in it almost the whole time. That was a bit weird for me. He should of taken a small role or given a glimpse of himself.

So all in all a decent movie for a Monday night out. The boys both liked it and we had a few laughs about the movie when we were walking out. I think what I enjoyed most of all was having a nice night out with the boys. I LOVE the movies and it was lots of fun as Wolfie gets older to share some movies with him besides Pokemon or Jurassic Park!!!

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