Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh my

Well today was Friday at work and also payday. It's a great day to just be casual. So I wear my favorite jeans and decide that I'm going to wear my tennis shoes. For those of you that know me in real know that this does not happen very often at all. So here I am strolling down the aisle of my friendly local Wal Mart and I also have sanitary pads and Metamucil in my cart. So I'm dressed like Shrek doing an impersonation of Sporty Spice goes to work on casual friday. Yeah I was looking hot. Fo Sho....Then I see him...the ghost of my past...the dreaded ex boyfriend.

I spy him cause he's to freakishly tall and do the "oh crap" my ex boyfriend is in Wal Mart duck and cover. He's with his wife but still I don't want to say hi and do that whole "thang". I think he must live in Davis cause this is the 2nd time I have seen him there. So we miss each other and that's fine with me. It ended alright. I left him crying and listening to A-Ha and Asia as his heart healed!! :-)

Funny thing to this story is when I was dating him in high school I went with his family to Tahoe and shared a cabin with another family and their kids. Well one of their kids invited a friend to Tahoe also and that friend was my hubby Rob. I really didn't give him the time of day cause I was all wrapped up in the giant boy. Two years later Rob and I meet were working together and he asked me out. I said yes and it's been 18 years later.

So the next time your in Wal Mart buying pads be sure to stack the frozen pee's over them cause you never know who you might see!!!

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Bahama Mama said...

I like the SHREK look Steph-reminds me of me.....just about everyday LOL

About the tall man....all I can say is things happen for a reason!!