Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So awake now!!!

Okay I'm so awake now!!! LOL Sorry but Mondays and Tuesdays kick my butt and I'm really just exhausted at night. I'm better now!!! Whew didn't mean to scare any of you!!! Go to my flickr photos and click on contact photos and see if you can find MOM WRITES photos. You can see how she deals with tired and cloudy days!!!

Okay so my TIVO shows are pretty good right now.

House of Carters: WOW it's a train wreck that I can't turn away from. Want to feel better about your own dysfunctional life? Just watch this show about the 5 Carter siblings and you will instantly feel like your floating on a cloud!!! These kids are MESSED up !

Gene Simmons Family Jewels: Okay I wasn't a big KISS fan but I love this show. Even though he won't marry Shannon Tweed they have been together like a billion years. They have two adorable teenagers and are really a very loving family. He's way into himself and quite the businessman but it's quite an entertaining show. It's fun when Shannons sister comes to visit cause she's a crazy Aunt and lots of fun!!!

The Bachelor: Oh poor Prince Lorenzo. Which girl will he choose? Did you see the previews for next week ? The one lone single tear falling down his cheek? I wanted to slap Sadie when he gave her the fantasy suite card.....yes I agree with her morals and values...but just cause you go to the fantasy suite....does not mean...well you mature viewers know what I'm talking about. Who will he pick?

Save Me From My House: Love this mostly British house re-do show. A family writes in and their house just isn't working for them but they don't want to move out. A team comes in , evualates and re-does some stuff to make it work for them!!! I like the ideas and am always struggling with a smart thing to do for our piles of shoes. Jesus really had the right idea about shoes. Either a pair of flip flops ( okay old school Teva's) or barefoot. None of this "Well I have to have black and brown work shoes and then white and ivory shoes for the summer and all the weekend shoes also" Keep It Simple is a great motto!!!

Then there is Survivor and I hope that Jul takes it to the end. I like him and think he's a cool player. I also like Ozzy and when the team of 4 took both challenges in the last show.....we were yelling like mad at the TV!!!!

LOST: Okay how an they do this to us? Feb 7th? They won't be back till then? was just getting good. Go JACK with his bad self the last show!!!!

So other then that I TIVO House Hunters, Oprah, The View and I think that's about it. Can't wait for Entourage to come back on!!!

Okay so I'm going to leave you with this funny photo of my cat Chloe. She's big and big like but really likes to squeeze herself into time places!!!


Vicki said...

Glad to see you back! I was worried! Lorenzo will pick Sadie, but I think Jen is cute as a button!

wink said...

LOST has already jumped the shark!