Sunday, December 17, 2006

A few of my favorite things!!!

Tam took me to Calistoga for my birthday today. We left about 10 AM and got home around 7pm. She only called home a few times to check on her adorable baby girl. Hey she's only 10 months old and I would of been calling to check in also!!! I accidently left my cell phone at home charging so I was "out of the office" today!!! Oh well!!!

The day was beautiful and it's been a really long time since I had been up that way. Well except for Rob's work party in Yountville. St. Helena had the best make up beauty product store and we had a great time laughing in there at all the funny products they were selling. Some of you may see some of these at BUNCO in February!!! We stopped at the Napa Outlets on the way home and Tam got some cute clothes at Gymboree Outlet for Kendall.

Calistoga's downtown is really cute and we had lunch at Checkers. I guess that's where alot of the locals eat. The COBB salad was yummy and I always like a Roy Rogers to complete my meal!!!

THANKS TAM!!! Love our birthday spa days!!!!!

Just bring my refills and make sure to add the grenadine!!! YUMMY


Twist of Kate said...

HEY! Happy beLated birthday!!!! I swear I'm not leaving the blog world...but you know how it is witht the holidays. I'll be back for "reals" real soon :)

Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday! All these years in No. Calif. and I STILL haven't done the mud baths. Love Calistoga though.