Sunday, December 17, 2006

We got mudd'd

What a very interesting experience the mud bath was. It was both of our first tims doing this and I give Tam HUGE kudos for trying something so "un-clean". First of all...mud does not smell too good. It would of been better if they had some aromatherapy to rub under my nose. The mud is so dense and think that it's really hard to even get down to the bottom of the tub in the mudd. The heating coils are at the bottom of the mud and your not even supposed to lay on the bottom. It would of been hard to even get to the bottom anyway. Getting out was laughable and was hilarious. We were like two pigs stuck in the mud !!

I have a few cute photos but need to do some Photoshop work to two of them before I can post. This is a G rated blog after all. Tam and I were laughing hysterical several times during this experience. I suggest that everyone try it just once in their life.

I think a little birdie told me that I'm getting Photo Shop Elements for my birthday so hopefully sometime this week I will get to re-touch those photos and post them!!!

got mud? I did!!!

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wink said...

You two are braver than me! Sounds like a pretty fun time though!