Saturday, March 24, 2007

Basketball....over and out.....

We had our last basketball games today. Since both of my kids played at the same exact time I decided to NOT take any photos. I'm trying to be a fair mom. I don't want one of them to grow up and say to me "Remember the game you DIDN'T come to....but you went to my sisters game and took lots of photos ?" So I just took no photos at all!!! Granted I coach Lexi's team and HAD to be there....I wish I had a clone so I could of been in both places!!!

Wolfie had a great season with his team!!! Out of 10 games (1 bye week) they won 6 games and lost 4 games. A great group of boys working as a team and looking like they were really having fun out on the court!! Also I have to give a virtual high 5 to the coach's. They are 2 really cool high school kids and they did a great job with the boys this season!!! Thanks guys for your support and taking the time with coaching!!!!

Lexi's team had a blast. I co-coached with am amazing coach SJ DENHAM. I also learned a lot and realize that I should not wear flip flops to practice!! The girls on the team were great, spirited and lots of fun to be around. The parents were great and very supportive to us as coaches.

I love basketball season!!! I love seeing how the kids progress as players and really work together as a team!!! Lots of fun!!! Now we move onto Track & Field for Wolfie and for Lexi? Not sure.....she's still got girl scouts to finish out for the year.....then it will be summer....can't wait for that!!!

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