Sunday, March 25, 2007

BFF Grow up.........

So one day you blink your eyes and the boys just sprout up and decide to wear girls bathing suit tops! LOL Too funny guys!!! Just seems like the other day we were at the rec pool and
you were learning how to swim!!

Here you guys are sharing lunch from McD's.

awwwwww little buddies!!!!

Justin sure does look like his brother Josh!!! Jake looks more like Joe......I will have to pull out some pics of Jake and Lexi when they were little next!!


3boysmom said...

aawwww....I think I'm going to cry! How fast they have grown up!! Seriously, weren't we just at the Rec pool swimming around with the boys wearing their whale goggles?!?

Stanley's Friends said...

Look at those adorable faces! Time really flies!

Mom2DraBrittGunn said...

Oh My Lord I recall those seeing those on my sisters frig so many years ago..Wow they ahve gotten big.! Thats the one thing my kids don't have is the long term friends with moving every 3 years...Love those pics!