Monday, June 18, 2007

all roads lead to this moment..........

I have been going through all my old photos lately and it's been hilarious!!! I found a whole bunch from high school and decided to blog them. I call this set of photos "Ode to the Proms"

I think this was one of the first proms I ever went to. I was in 9th grade and it was a prom in Concord. I cut the guy out cause well.....yeah I was 14 and it just never worked out!! LOL This may have been one of the last sightings of me in the color pink.

So this was one of my junior year proms. I think this guys name was Peter and one of his cousins was in the band Devo....Whip It !!!!! The pic's a bit blurry but you get the idea. I love the Madonna inspired black lace gloves!!!!

Okay so here's my first "Faux I'm Getting Married" prom picture ! This is Matt or you can call him Mott if you want to speak his secret language. He was my boyfriend most all of my senior year of high school. He was a year older than me and went to UC Davis at the time...that rocked for me being a senior in high school.......He drove a blue pinto and every time I left the house with him, my mom thought the back end was going to explode!

One time he showed me how one could shift without really using the stick shift and he ended up breaking his stick shift all the way off and had to use pliers he found under his seat to try and shift ! Now that was a hilarious moment!!!! I'm happy to say he's moved up from the pinto and if you browse through my flickr photos I ran back into him at the May Fair this year while his band was there playing.

Aww the Sadie Hawkins Dance!!! Love the matching Hard Rock shirts!!!! The vibrant sweatshirts tied around our waist's completed the ensemble. Hey it was the 80's what can I say?
I love this picture for some reason. We were walking into the prom and they announced us. I was actually really being shy and embarrassed but you can see the look on Matt's face and he was ready to walk through the arch's!!!!

I have a few more photos for the trip down memory patient fans be patient!!!! I need to get myself ready for a rockin concert tonight!!! Gywn Stefani and Akon!!! I'm going to try and live flickr tonight so turn in for live photos of the event!!!!!


Vicki said...

OMG! How cute are these! How fun!
The pinto story...hilarious!

3boysmom said...

Makes me want to pull out all my old photos and relive my younger days and big hair!